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Published on August 29, 2019 by Catalan Holidays

To the south of Tarragona, we have the fantastic Ebro Delta Natural Park. A unique place in Europe. A labyrinth of lakes, rice fields and canals, surrounded by exceptionally beautiful sand flats. Ideal for enjoying an unrivalled natural environment on the Costa Dorada. There we have magnificent landscapes, fauna and cuisine.

Undoubtedly, this is a place that families, friends and nature lovers can enjoy. Walking or riding a bike, going to one of its very long and singular beaches, bird-watching, enjoying the rice fields, taking a kayak trip and many other activities are available.

We also cannot forget the cuisine, if you do not know what to eat on the Ebro Delta, then the answer lies in rice, seafood and mussels among other dishes. This is the guide that you can use to add a day trip to the Ebro Delta Natural Park on to your holiday.

  1. What to see in the Ebro Delta (places)
  2. What to do in the Ebro Delta (activities)
  3. Where to eat in the Ebro Delta (Food)
  4. Where to sleep along the Ebro Delta or the Catalan Coast
  5. Ebro Delta Map with the main points of interest

What to see in the Ebro Delta (places)

The best places to see in the Ebro Delta are places that stand out for their nature and their fauna, from the mouth of the River Ebro to the Fangar Lighthouse or the rice fields. A fantastic ensemble of places and spaces where you will enjoy great views and experiences.

It has an extensive flat space that blends in with the horizon. A place where friends, couples, families with children and nature lovers go to spend the day.

Fangar Lighthouse

Due to its uniqueness and surroundings, the Fangar Lighthouse has become one of the architectural and scenic symbols that is most well-known in the Ebro Lands. We find ourselves at Fangar point, a place formed by sand and wind, creating a peculiar landscape.

By Agustí Descarrega Solà: Far del Fangar from Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

Dunes, sunshine and even mirages await us in the desert landscape itself. Although it sounds like an area for risk-taking adventurers, it is the complete opposite; it contains one of the preferred areas for making a trip with children. It takes between two and three hours of travelling time.

Zigurat, Mouth of the Ebro

Located in front of the sea, the area of Zigurat in the Ebro Delta covers 1600 m where there are two bird hides.

By jordiferrer: Mirador del Zigurat from Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

The Zigurat viewpoint is reached by a long dirt track. It is a large square, wooden tower that can be seen from far away. You can climb it by a comfortable ramp and it works as an observatory. Its height provides us with great views of the river mouth and the surroundings.

Migjorn Viewpoint

The Migjorn Viewpoint is an observatory on the Ebro Delta from where you can gain spectacular views of the Alfacada Lagoon and Buda Island. Mornings and afternoons are moments where the sky, sea and horizon give us spectacular views and colours.

By María Rosa Ferre: Illa de Buda, Delte de l’Ebre from Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

Just like the Zigurat viewpoint, its height provides an ideal place where you can gaze out over the landscape and the great variety of species of birds who live and fly over the Ebro Delta zone.

Tancada Lagoon

Due to time and the cultivation of rice, the terrain has been transformed, ending up by separating a big lagoon into two. On one side is the biggest lagoon, the Encanyissada Lagoon and on the other side, the second biggest, the Tancada Lagoon. It is an ideal place to watch birds in the reedbeds, ducks or flamingos.

Llacuna la Tancada al Delta del Ebre

It is an area where you can cycle in the bike lane that goes around the lagoon. You will find ancient huts and you have the viewpoint on the lagoon where you can observe and take photos of the birds.

Madalenes Pier

Located in the Alfacs Bay, is the Madalenes Pier, one of the most beautiful piers in the Ebro Delta Natural Park. One of the ideal places to take a snapshot of the moment. It is a very special place, especially at sunset.

Fotografía en el Delta del Ebre

On the Madalenes Pier, you have ancient wooden walkways, remains of some boats but particularly an unforgettable dusk. It is a place where you can gaze upon the beaches and the horizon, where the sea and the Montsia Mountains and the sundown join together.

Trabucador natural space

In the Southern Ebro Delta zone, you have Trabucador Beach, a natural space that is much appreciated by lovers of naturism. Some 6 kilometres of wild beach to enjoy calmness and natural beauty.

By Ardet commonswiki: Trabucador, Delte de l’Ebre from Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

It is an area of low touristic footfall so there are no public services, beach bars or restaurants. In this place you must be careful of the tides.

What to do in the Ebro Delta (activities)

The offering of leisure pursuits and activities in the Ebro Delta is varied and aimed at a range of audiences. From kayak routes to trips with children. The ideal option is to combine a visit to some of the most attractive places with activities such as a bike ride, bird-watching or going to the beach.

Bird-watching in the rice fields and lagoons from the viewpoints

Lovers of nature and birds are in luck. In the Ebro Delta, there are between 7 and 10 viewpoints where you can stop and observe the fauna and countryside.

  • Canal Vell
  • Garxal
  • Riet Vell
  • Tancada
  • Encanyissada
  • Fangar Point
  • Banya Point
  • Les Olles
  • Migjorn

Depending on the season of the year, and with a bit of luck, you can find all types of birds and even Mediterranean turtles. Among the birds we have Purple Gallinules, Common Flamingos, Red-Crested Pochards, Shelducks and many more.

Strolling through the most beautiful zones of the Ebro Delta

Strolls or outings are almost obligatory. Not doing so means that you will miss out on the opportunity to see fauna, landscapes and times of the day, like sunset, on Trabucador Beach.

By Sílvia Martín: Platja del Trabucador, Delte de l’Ebre from flickr

Furthermore, whether you go as a couple, a family, alone or with children, the calmness and the joy of the natural surroundings is guaranteed enjoyment.

Kayaking in the Ebro Delta

It is an opportunity to experience the magic of the countryside and the fauna from the River Ebro. Kayak routes usually go from the town of Miravet to Benifallet. They are suitable for adults and children. Kayaks are individuals, doubles, triples or even for 4 people.

Kaya Delta de l’Ebre

The guides will explain to you the characteristics of the natural surroundings around where you are passing. It is an activity on a quiet route along the Ebro River in a kayak.

MonNatura Ebro Delta

A large centre where salt, birds and traditional fishing are the main themes. A gathering of spaces where every one of these elements are represented. MonNatura is a good place where you can understand the true value and uniqueness of the Delta.

MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre

Once we pass through reception we get to the heart of the salt flats, Delta space, 360º viewpoint, the bird hide, Spanish Toothcarp territory, saline environment vegetation, fishing gear and the pier. It is also a good place to buy souvenirs and relax.

The Wooden House

The Wooden House is a point of information and an ornithological museum that forms part of the natural park’s facilities. It originates from a hunting society that lived in the Encanyissada Lagoon.

By Jordi Contijoch: Casa de Fusta Museu Ormitològic, Delte de l’Ebre from calaix.gencat.cat

Throughout history, it has passed through several owners. After the hunting society it was occupied by local people, the Ministry of Agriculture and finally the Catalan Government.


Launched in 1989, Ecomuseum is the ideal place to go and immerse yourself into the unique world of the Delta, its nature and the human aspects of the ecosystem.

By Jordi Contijoch: Casa de Fusta Museu Ormitològic, Delte de l’Ebre from calaix.gencat.cat

In the Ecomuseum, follow a path through different areas. It shows us the landscapes, traditional activities and Delta architecture.

Traditional fishing

The Ebro Delta zone is packed with villages that have a long tradition in the art of fishing. For this reason, you cannot miss the possibility of experiencing traditional fishing alone, with friends or even with your children as a family.

A trip on a fishing boat will delight children and adults with the activity of fishing, navigating through the area and the countryside.

Cruising at the mouth of the River Ebro

For those who live nearby, at some point in our school life we have been on a trip to the Ebro Delta with a cruise included. Now, after a few years, we are going to combine the cruise with food in a good restaurant and visit some of the most emblematic places on the Delta.

Another perspective of the Delta that, undoubtedly, will make you want to spend time together as a family. Both cruise lines Creuers Delta de L’Ebre and Cruceros Olmo allow us to contemplate the river mouth from the water which is a different experience.

Where to eat on the Ebro Delta

Undoubtedly, rice is the main player in the Ebro Delta but it is not the only traditional food in the region. Clementines, eels, baldana de arroz (rice blood sausage), Sant Carles de la Rapita prawns, mussels, Ebro Delta oysters and so many other dishes which are absolutely recommended to eat in the area.

Regarding restaurants on the Ebro Delta, there are many and good ones. Some of the most common are:

Accommodation near the Ebro Delta, Costa Dorada

Our recommendations are coastal accommodation near to the Ebro Delta, Spain. There are areas on the Catalan coast that allow you to be between the sea and the mountains at the same time as being near to the Ebro Delta, Costa Dorada, Spain.

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Ebro Delta Map with the main points of interest

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