Booking terms and conditions

The below stated conditions are valid for rental contracts made between the tenant and the home owner through the rental agency Catalan Holidays (CH).

1. Payment & booking conditions

A holiday home can be booked through the website of Catalan Holidays or by phone. As soon as possible after having received your reservation CH will send you a final booking confirmation by e-mail.
The rent is paid in 2 installments. The 1st installment, which is equal to 25 % of the total rent, must be received by CH no later than 7 days after the date of the booking. When you pay the first installment you confirm at the same time that you have read and accept our general terms and conditions. The balance of 75 % must be paid latest 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period.

CH reserves the right to cancel the booking if the 1st installment of 25 % of the rent has not been received 7 days after the date of the booking.

If there are 6 weeks or less to the arrival date at the time of booking, the full amount should be paid immediately and latest 3 days after the booking is made.

Payments should be carried out by credit card or bank transfer to the bank and account number mentioned on the booking confirmation.

CH has the right to cancel the booking without notice if the total rental amount has not been received in due time. In this case the tenant can not claim the fulfillment of the rental agreement nor a refund of amounts already paid.

Upon payment of the total rent the tenant will automatically receive a voucher. The voucher is the document that confirms that the total rent has been paid and it must be shown to the key holder upon arrival to the holiday destination.

CH charges a fixed booking administration fee of 19 EUR per booking.

2. Prices and services

The quoted prices are always per NIGHT per PROPERTY in the stated season. In the high season from July 4th to August 28th the minimum stay required is normally 7 nights and the day of arrival is always Saturday. During the rest of the year it is in most cases also possible to arrive and depart on all other weekdays except Sundays. It is stated in each individual property description whether alternative arrival/departure days and shorter stays are available.

Some additional expenses such as final cleaning, bed linen, tourist tax etc. may occur depending on which holiday home is being rented. Normally such expenses will be stated in the relevant property description on the website of CH and additionally they will be shown on the booking confirmation that the tenant receives from CH.

The general information about the holiday home (facilities, final cleaning, bed linen etc.) and the destination (transport, shops, restaurants etc.) mentioned in each property description is updated on a yearly basis. Accordingly CH does not accept any responsibility for changes made subsequently.

3. Changes to prices and services

Although the property descriptions and the prices stated on the CH website are carefully elaborated, there might occur some changes in a few exceptional cases. Such changes will be announced immediately when a booking is made. If such changes should exceptionally occur after that the booking has been made, and the changes have a major impact on the rental agreement, the tenant has the option to cancel the contract in writing and free of charge latest 7 days after that the change has been announced by CH. Subsequently CH will refund the amount paid in advance for the holiday home.

4. Arrival and departure

The rental period starts on the first day at 16.00 hours. If nothing else has been agreed or is stated on the voucher, the arrival to the place of the key delivery must take place between 16.00 hours and 19.00 hours. Departure must take place on the last day of the rental period before 10.00 hours. If the tenant is unable to arrive within the mentioned timeframe, he should make another agreement with CH in due time before the arrival date. CH does not guarantee the delivery of the key if the tenant should arrive outside the stated timeframe and the tenant has to assume any costs that might arise due to his late arrival including hotel accommodation, transport expenses etc. and no claims can be made by the tenant towards CH afterwards.
CH does not refund a part of the rent due to late arrivals or due to any other personal circumstances or if the tenant has to abridge the stay in the holiday home. If the tenant should wish to prolong the stay he should contact the booking department of CH as soon as possible.

5. Cancellation

The tenant can not cancel or change an existing rental agreement. However the booking of a holiday home may be cancelled by the tenant against payment of the following cancellation charges:

  • Up to 70 days before the start of the rental period: 10 % of the total rent
  • 69 – 43 days before the start of the rental period: 25 % of the total rent
  • 42 days or less before the start of the rental period: 100 % of the rent

A booking is considered cancelled on the day that CH has received a written cancellation from the tenant.

Cancellation Guarantee:
Catalan Holidays recommends that the tenant takes out a cancellation guarantee that covers the cancellation of the stay in the holiday home. The cancellation guarantee can only be taken out at the time that the booking is made. The cost of the cancellation guarantee is 4% of the rental. The guarantee covers cancellations made latest 24 hours prior to the day of the commencement of the rental period due to sudden illness, accident or death affecting the tenant, a travelling companion or a member of the tenant´s family (spouse, live-in partner, children, parents, in-laws, grandchildren, siblings, or grandparents). A medical certificate or a death certificate will be required to support a claim. Any fee for the mentioned certificate is to be paid by the client. The medical certificate or the death certificate and a copy of the voucher for the stay should be send to the head office of Catalan Holidays no later than 3 days (72 hours) after that the cancellation has been made. Claims that qualify will receive a full refund of the rental paid, with the exception of the 4% cancellation guarantee premium and an administration fee of 30 EUR.

6. Cancellation of the rental agreement or replacement of the holiday home

CH reserves the right to substitute the booked holiday home with another property or to refund the paid rental amount in case of unpredictable incidents such as for instance breach of the contract by the home owner, incorrect information or similar events. CH can immediately cancel the rental agreement and refund the paid rent if the property should not be available due to force majeure.

7. The tenant’s obligations

A security deposit for damages will have to be paid at the destination when the key is received. The exact amount of the deposit is stated in each property description on the website of CH and moreover it is shown on the voucher. The security deposit must be guaranteed by a credit card in the name of the lead tenant/client and by signing the “Form to pay the security deposit by credit card” (click to view the form) during the check-in. Only VISA and MasterCard credit cards are accepted. Only in the event of a claim will CH deduct from the card the amount necessary to cover expenses and repairs as a result of damage or breakages caused by the tenant or his/her party during the stay or to cover expenses not previously paid in accordance with CH’s website and current general booking conditions. Any charges to the card will be made not later than two weeks after the date of departure of the tenant. The key holder reserves the right to withhold the key and deny access to the holiday home if the tenant does not accept to pay the security deposit.

The amount of the security deposit is 200-400 euros depending on which type of holiday home is rented. If the tenant should cause damages that exceed the value of the security deposit he will be liable to pay the difference as soon as the exact value of the damages has been determined and CH has informed him in writing about the difference.
The tenant must ensure that the property is returned in a presentable and tidy state including the washing-up of dishes, cutlery, and kitchen utensils etc., emptying of the refrigerator, the freezer and dust bins. This is also valid although the tenant has paid a final cleaning or such a cleaning is already included in the rent. CH reserves the right to deduct any additional cleaning costs from the security deposit if the tenant should not leave the property in the above mentioned state.

CH and the key holder reserve the right to double the deposit when a holiday home is rented out to persons aged 27 or below or to youth groups consisting of 6 persons or more. As a general rule CH does not accept youth groups with an average age of 27 years or below.

The tenant is obliged to respect and keep the local rules and regulations related to the holiday home and to ensure that neither the tenant himself nor other members of his party cause inconvenience to neighbours or other surroundings. CH and the property owner reserve the right to cancel the rental agreement immediately and without notice if the tenant or other occupants of the rented property show gross negligence or purposely carry out actions against the rules and regulations in force. In such cases the rent will not be refunded.

The maximum capacity of the holiday home is stated in each individual property description and includes children regardless of their age. In case that the number of occupants exceeds the maximum allowed, the key holder has the right to deny the tenant access to the rented property.

8. Complaints and claims

Although CH carefully inspects and controls the holiday home before each single arrival, it could occur that a defect, fault or damage is detected. In such a case the key holder or the CH service office should be informed immediately and latest 48 hours after arrival. If the problem can not be solved to the satisfaction of the tenant within a reasonable time, the head office of CH should be contacted by phone on (+34) 902 945 380 or by e-mail to CH does not accept any responsibility for defects, faults or damages and subsequent claims if the tenant fails to inform CH as soon as possible after the arrival or during the stay. Any complaint or claim must be received in writing by CH or its agent latest 2 weeks after the termination of the rental period otherwise the tenant looses his right to receive a compensation or a refund. The name of the CH representative who attended the tenant at the destination should be mentioned in any written complaint.

9. Catalan Holidays liability

Should a gross defect or fault be detected in a holiday home, CH will normally offer the tenant an equivalent holiday home of the same price level. Should the alternative holiday home be of a lower price, the price difference will be refunded. Should it not be possible to find a satisfactory solution due to a lack of available properties or due to the non-acceptance of the alternative holiday home by the tenant, the total rent or a part of the rent will be refunded according to the degree of liability determined by CH.

CH does not accept any liability in case of:

  • Negligence or neglected services which can be imposed on a third party.
  • Defects or faults in any kind of swimming-pools, children’s play grounds, sport facilities etc. The use of such installations is entirely on the users own risk.
  • Burglary or theft in the holiday home.
  • Force majeure or any other unpredictable events that CH or its agents or representatives could not have prevented.

10. Validity

The stated terms and conditions are valid for rental agreements made between the tenant and the home owner through Catalan Holidays who acts as an agent/intermediary.
The conditions and the quoted prices stated on the website of CH replace earlier published versions and are valid, excluding misprints, from September 1st, 2019 till September 30th, 2020. The rental agreement should be interpreted according to Spanish law by the court of Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

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