The top 10 most visited museums in Barcelona

Published on June 15, 2019 by Catalan Holidays

Barcelona is a city of culture which already offers its visitors many interesting possibilities to cultivate their intellect. Multiple exhibitions, conferences and a network of public and private museums to discover the best works of art, key inventions from the history of science and, among other topics, key facts from the history of a city that, since time immemorial, has captured the attention of the human race.

When you step into Barcelona, you have a multitude of leisure and cultural options at your disposal. Join us to discover the most outstanding museums of Barcelona together, the ones that deserve an obligatory visit. Shall we go to the museums?

  1. Picasso Museum
  2. National Museum of Catalan Art
  3. CosmoCaixa Barcelona
  4. CaixaForum Barcelona
  5. Joan Miró Foundation
  6. Museum of Contemporary Art
  7. Barcelona Design Hub
  8. Barcelona City History Museum
  9. The Maritime Museum of Barcelona
  10. FC Barcelona Museum

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1. Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Opened in the year 1963, it is one of the best museums in Barcelona. It is interesting to behold the 4,251 works in the permanent exhibition and the artistic evolution of the genius from Malaga. Among the paintings exhibited in this space, stands out a portrait from his works of 1917, the series of Las Meninas from 1957 and a complete collection of prints.

The museum is located across five large palaces on Montcada Street, in the middle of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Five buildings built between the 13th and 14th centuries, remodelled and in a perfect state of conservation. Losing yourself among the museum’s courtyards is, in itself, an experience that justifies visiting this place.

Museum-Picasso-Barcelona-Catalan-HolidaysMuseo Picasso Barcelona

2. National Museum of Catalan Art (NMCA)

It opened its doors as a museum in the year 1934, five years after holding the 1929 International Exposition. It was specifically this event that provided the initial motivation and inspired the construction of the building that houses the museum, the National Palace of Montjuic. Nowadays, it houses one of the most complete collections of Catalan art: Medieval, Romanesque and Modern art.

It is located at the foot of the Montjuic Mountain and has one of the most elegant balconies in the city, with some spectacular views. It is, also, a privileged place to behold the Montjuic fountains, a unique tourist attraction in the city, featuring engineer Carles Buigas’ famous coloured fountains.

Museum-National-Art-Catalonia-Catalan-HolidaysMuseo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña

3. CosmoCaixa Barcelona

It is the remodelled version of the old Barcelona Science Museum, from the year 1981. The new museum, now known as CosmoCaixa, was opened in 2004. In this space, the visitor can discover the history of the Universe and the Earth in the permanent collection, along with the most important details of their evolutions. The museum is in Barcelona’s elevated area, next to “Avinguda Tibidabo” and at the foot of the “Ronda de Dalt” ring road. The building that houses the exhibitions is a Modernist work by Josep Domenech I Estapa from 1909. In its beginnings, it was used as an asylum for the blind and after the remodelling of 1979-1980, the La Caixa Foundation made the most of the space to explain science to the young and old alike.


4. CaixaForum Barcelona

It is a museum that opened in 2002 to offer the public of all ages a top-notch social, cultural and educational provision. In its rooms you can enjoy exhibitions on different subjects and disciplines: from modern and contemporary works of art to exhibitions of leading historical figures, such as Charlie Chaplin.

This museum is located at the foot of the staircase that provides access to the NMCA in a Modernist building by Josep Puig I Cadafach. It is a must-see for all those visitors who come to the area to enjoy the different attractions that the magical Montjuic Mountain offers.


5. Joan Miró Foundation

It is the museum that holds the collection of art from the celebrated contemporary Catalan painter, Joan Miró. Opened in 1975, it combines works from the artist with outstanding contemporary works from other artists. It also includes temporary exhibitions by artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Located in the middle of Montjuic Mountain, it allows you to enjoy some spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. When the author himself, Joan Miró, created the foundation and built this space, he wanted to raise an international reference centre which it is gradually becoming. Nowadays, it is one of the museums that receives the most visitors in all of Barcelona.

Fundation-Miró-Barcelona-Catalan-HolidaysBy Jon Nicholls, Museo Miro Barcelona Flickr

6. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

It is the reference point for contemporary art in Barcelona. Here are the most outstanding works of contemporary Catalan, Spanish and international art. It holds a complete permanent exhibition and a seasonal collection of works that the museum management provides to the visitor judiciously and rigorously to spark reflection.

Located in the middle of the Raval neighbourhood, in the centre of Barcelona, is one of the most unique and elite museum spaces in the Catalan capital. In this place, admirers of the most outstanding art of our age congregate daily, since it opened in 1995.

Museum-Art-Contemporary-Barcelona-MACBA-Catalan-HolidaysBy Joao Filipe Silva, Museo Arte Contemporáneo Barcelona Flickr

7. Barcelona Design Hub

It is a reference point for lovers of graphic design, product design, fashion design, decorative arts, textiles and clothing and graphic arts, and it offers visitors six collections on each one of these fields. It also provides other temporary exhibitions that follow a specific theme related to these points of interest.

It is located in a modern building, situated close to the Glories shopping centre and the 22@ business district. With the characteristic shape of the building, this is popularly known by the citizens of Barcelona as “the stapler”. Since 2014, it has been a centre of pilgrimage for design lovers.

Design-Hub-Barcelona-Catalan-HolidaysBy Victoriano Javier, Disseny Hub Barcelona Flickr

8. Barcelona City History Museum

It is the essential museum for visitors who want to know the most outstanding facts about the history of Barcelona. In this space, you can discover the historic heritage of the community, from its origins up to the present day. A visit here is key to knowing the Roman, Medieval and Modern past of Barcelona through the different spaces that make up the museum.

Created in the first third of the 20th century, it founded its main headquarters in 1941 in Padellas’s House and the Placa del Rei, in the central Gothic Quarter. Coming to visit the Barcelona Museum is an unbeatable way of learning about the historic past of one of the most important cities in the world, through the heritage that has survived to this day.

Barcelona-city-history-museum-Catalan-HolidaysBy Alejandro, Museo Historia de Barcelona Flickr

9. The Maritime Museum of Barcelona

It is a museum where the visitor can discover the history of Catalan and Spanish seafaring. In the different rooms that make up this space, all those who come to this place can see sailing ships, historical vessels from different parts of the world and a complete collection of maps.

It is located in the Gothic building of the Royal Shipyards, “Drassanes Reials”, next to the port of Barcelona, by the monument to Columbus. It is a reference point for those who want to discover ship-building between the 13th and 18th centuries.

maritime-museum-of-barcelona-catalan-holidaysBy Alejandro, Museo Marítim de Barcelona Flickr

10.- FC Barcelona Museum

It is the most high-profile sports club in the city of Barcelona. Opened in the year 1957, it is one of the most visited places in Catalonia. Inside you can see the Nou Camp facilities, the FC Barcelona stadium and the trophies from all sections of the club. The main attractions are the European Cups from the football team and the Golden Balls belonging to the Argentine star, Leo Messi.

It is located in the Les Corts neighbourhood, really close to other touristic points of interest, such as the Royal Palace. It is an obligatory stop for all football fans and supporters of the blue and scarlet club. A museum that attracts more than a million people every year and is well-worth a visit.

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fc-barcelona-museum-catalan-holidaysBy Gaetano, Museo FC Barcelona Flickr

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