The best beaches of the Costa Dorada, Spain

Published on August 15, 2019 by Catalan Holidays

We have chosen the most outstanding of all the beaches and coves of the Costa Dorada for you, taking into account the main tourist areas, natural surroundings and unique spaces. Some beaches are recommended for families and children, others are aimed more at those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle. There are even beaches suitable for dogs in the middle of the summer season.

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Some of the best Beaches of the Costa Dorada

If there is one particularly outstanding characteristic of the Costa Dorada, it is its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. We have all kinds of beaches along the coastline of the province of Tarragona, some next to towns and others in natural surroundings.

The majority are accessible beaches for relaxation, although there are volleyball and beach football tournaments on some of the most important ones in the summer.

Cunit Beach

Cunit Beach is an urban beach that was awarded Blue Flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education. It is a beach that has all kinds of services: lifeguards, showers, toilets, parking and even deckchair hire.

By Yliana S.P.: Pals from Flickr

Beach days in Cunit are comfortable, thanks to its accessibility, medium amount of visitors and calm waters. It also has a great array of water sports, such as scuba diving.

Calafell Beach

Calafell Beach is a beach that is rated highly by those who have been before. It delights families with the shallow waters of its shores. Like the majority of beaches near to towns, it is well-equipped with showers, toilets and lifeguards in the summer season.

By Antonio Olmedo: Playa de Calafell from Flickr

Fine sandy beaches, a long-held blue flag and with the maritime quarter to be enjoyed. Restaurants and bars which are only 2 minutes away. A good choice, although in the summer it is usually somewhat overcrowded and parking can be expensive.

Coma-Ruga Beach

Upon arrival at Coma-Ruga beach, you will be surprised by the metres of sand to cross before you reach the water’s edge. It is an ample-sized, clean and very well looked-after beach. The countryside is lovely and it has good accessibility.

By Juanjo Garcia: Coma-ruga Beach 8 from Flickr

Located 6 km from Vendrell in Tarragona, this beach allows you to enjoy a relaxing stay. Easy parking and restaurants on the seafront promenade mean that you do not have to move more than a few metres.

Torredembarra Beach

Torredembarra, some 15 minutes from Tarragona, has three beaches that are basically stretches of one single beach. Paella Beach, Torredembarra Beach and Dels Mutanyants Beach. All areas have fine sand and good access.

By Jorge Franganillo: Platja d’Altafulla from Flickr

Paella Beach, beside the Sport Marina, is where most of the sporting activity is, except that which takes place in the Club Nautico. Torredembarra Beach, next to the Maritime Quarter, is where the most people gather. Finally, the Beach in the Dels Muntanyants natural space is ideal for those who are looking for natural surroundings. With a Blue Flag and showers, toilets and lifeguards. This beach has the largest offering of restaurants among those mentioned up to now.

Altafulla Beach

Altafulla Beach is as charming as its namesake village is. The beautiful seaside promenade and the surroundings make this beach something special. We can clearly identify three zones, on one side is the seaside promenade with les Botigues de Mar in the central area of the beach. At the furthest end is the breakwater point, where those who want to be a bit quieter go, and finally the Voramar Cal Vitali restaurant zone, where the beach ends with a small park under the pine trees.

By Jorge Franganillo: Platja d’Altafulla from Flickr

Altafulla Beach is a family beach with shallow water at either end. It is not an overcrowded tourist destination, but rather the majority of times you have repeat tourists who come every year.

Tamarit Beach

A beach in natural surroundings that are only broken up by a few remains of an old factory and the restaurant in a campsite. Its greatest attraction is a visit to Tamarit Castle and the mouth of the Gaia River, where you can often find ducks. Although many people do not know, this beach has a little secret; a sunken ship that can be very easily reached next to the breakwater.

By Angela Llop: Castillo y Playa de Tamarit from Flickr

Tamarit Beach is located right next to Altafulla Beach. We can reach it through La Mora (an area of Tarragona) or from Altafulla Beach. This second option is the best choice if you have to park a vehicle.

Llarga, Arrabassada and Miracle de Tarragona Beaches

Tarragona’s beaches stand out for their natural surroundings, their closeness to the city and their activities. Llarga Beach lets you enjoy fine sand in natural surroundings barely 5 minutes from the city. Milagro Beach or Miracle Beach is found at the foot of the Mediterranean viewpoint, the nearest beach to the city and one of the busiest. Finally, Arrabassada Beach, the best option for many because of its easy parking and its proximity to the city.

By Maria12400: Platja Llarga Tarragona from wikimedia commons

Three beaches near the city of Tarragona with different characteristics. In any case, they are beautiful, clean beaches and with the golden sand typical of this part of the Catalan coast.

Salou Beach

Salou, as well as being known for its characteristic tourism, is famous for its beaches. Salou Beach is clean, well looked-after and has all the services that beaches situated at the main tourist points are known for. The leisure offering is extensive and there are restaurants on the seafront promenade itself.

By vagueonthehow: Playa Salou from Flickr

Salou is one of the main tourist destinations in Tarragona and this means that in high season the beach is very busy, although not overcrowded. Parking can be tricky.

La Pineda Beach and Aquopolis in Vila-seca

La Pineda Beach features in the plans of those who want a calm destination, near to Port Aventura and Aquopolis. It is a beach with calm, transparent waters and fine sand. Aquopolis is barely 5 minutes on foot and Port Aventura is 10 minutes by car.

By Mickey Logitmark: Playa la Pineda from wikimedia commons

La Pineda Beach is found between Tarragona and Salou in the municipal district of Vila-seca. It is an area where parking is easily found although there is definitely a 5-15 minute walk to reach the edge of the beach.

Vilafortuny Beach and Cambrils Beach

Right in the middle of the Costa Dorada, we have Cambrils and its 9 km of beaches. Cambrils’ Beaches have calm waters, suitable for all ages. Little ones have their own space in the oasis, shaded areas and swings on the beach.

By albert.sola: Playa Cambrils from Flickr

On the other hand, Vilafortuny Beach is a calm beach with a beautiful landscape where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Salou and Cambrils.

Trabucador, Punta del Fangar, Luet, Migjorn i Riumar Beaches in the Ebro Delta

In a previous article, we explained what there is to do in the Ebro Delta, now we will focus on its beaches. In surroundings like the Ebro Natural Park, we have incredible landscapes and spectacular sunsets. To the north of the Ebro Delta, in one of its channels, we have the Punta del Fangar Beach. A less busy beach and in the countryside, known for its sand and the Fangar Lighthouse.

By Manel Zaera: Playa Trabucador from Flickr

Continuing from north to south, we have Riumar Beach, an endless beach, clean and almost deserted which is worth a stroll. Another beach to consider is Migjorn Beach where the natural surroundings have an even more relevant importance for their proximity to the protected area of the park. We have left one of our most favourite beaches until last, Trabucador Beach. An unspoilt beach with the sea on one side and the Bay of Alfaques on the other. It stands out for being a rarely visited beach where you can take your dog at any time of year.

The Best Coves of the Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada has some idyllic and incredible coves. As always, the best ones are not easily accessible but there are some with easy access that are worth the effort of discovering.

Roc Sant Gaietà in Roda de Bará Cove

The Roc de Sant Gaietà is a very picturesque and small neighbourhood and is where the Luis del Olmo Radio Museum is located. It is worth visiting it if you are nearby. Next to it, is La Punta d’en Guineu Beach or the Roc de Sant Gaietà Cove. A beach flanked by the unique neighbourhood and by mountains covered with pine trees.

By Jorge Franganillo: Roc de Sant Gaietà from Flickr

It has a fine sandy beach, calm and clean waters. It has all the services and has easy access. Even though in the middle of the summer season it can get quite full, it is worth going.

Tamarit Cove

Tamarit Cove is small and in the summer it is almost always full. Even so, it is a spectacular cove due to its shallow waters and landscape. On one side is Tamarit Castle and on the other is a mountainous forest. An ideal cove for those who are taking their holidays at the beginning or end of the summer.

By Albert Torelló: Cala de Tamarit y Castillo from Flickr

Situated less than 5 minutes from Altafulla and 10 from Tarragona, if you arrive by car then parking is hard to come by. There is a campsite with a restaurant on the other side of the Castle.

Fonda Cove (Waikiki Beach)

At 200 metres long, protected by the Marquesa Forest and cliffs, we have Fonda Cove. An unspoilt paradise just 10 km from Tarragona. It is a cove that is difficult to access and is experiencing urban development. This cove, considered to be one of the best on the Costa Dorada, is a nudist beach in large part.

By Jorge Franganillo: Cala Fonda Waikiki from Wikimedia Commons

The difficult access means that, the majority of the time, you must bring food and drink with you. On the other hand, anyone who visits the cove must remember that it is a cove in protected surroundings where the users are obliged to participate in its conservation.

Forn en l’Ametlla de Mar Cove

Forn Cove is a small and precious cove that is highly recommended when travelling with children. It is often compared to the coves in the area of Menorca. It has showers, footbaths, toilets, lifeguards, a Red Cross First Aid point and a beach bar. Forn Beach is a cove with calm, crystal-clear and shallow waters.

By Jorge Franganillo: Cala Forn en Ametlla de Mar from Flickr

The presence of rocks and Posidonia seaweed make it possible to go snorkelling and look at the fish. Furthermore, the beach restaurant is not bad and their grilled fish is usually pleasing.

Accommodation near the Costa Dorada Beaches

Our recommendations are coastal accommodation near to the Costa Dorada Beaches. There are areas on the Catalan coast that allow you to be between the sea and the mountains at the same time as being near to the Costa Dorada Beaches.

Holiday homes on the Barcelona coast
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On the other hand, have you thought of holiday rentals of houses with private pools y holiday rentals of houses that accept dogs or other pets. Through this link you have all our holiday homes in Catalonia.

Costa Dorada Beaches Map

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