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Sitges, with 28,000 inhabitants, is one of the most beautiful towns on the Catalan coast;. The modernists, Ramon Casas, Santiago Rusiñol and others appreciated its charm at the end of the 19th century and enhanced its beauty with highly aesthetically pleasing works. Barely 40 kilometres from the city of Barcelona, a curious traveller has everything they could want in this precious town: leisure activities, peace and quiet, and tourist attractions.


The weather in Sitges

The town of Sitges has a unique microclimate. Thanks to the natural barrier of the Garraf mountain range, the town’s inhabitants and visitors can enjoy an average temperature of 18.7ºC all year round, with a hot summer and a pleasant winter. The city has 300 days of sunshine.

weather-Sitges-Catalan-HolidaysBy Sebastián Nuñez: El tiempo en Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

Holiday homes to rent in Sitges

This beautiful village is ideal for getting together as a family or with friends and renting a house with a swimming pool. Houses to rent in the middle of the Garraf Natural Park, only a few metres away from the beach where you can enjoy exceptional mountain and seaside holidays. Holiday homes and apartments where you can spend a few wonderful days with your children and loved ones. Charming houses suitable for pets on the Barcelona Coast and very near to Sitges.

What to see in Sitges?

In this charming town you can enjoy the beach and the different tourist attractions that there are there. The modernists established their base in Sitges to inspire themselves and leave their mark through different works that, nowadays, tourists can visit. Join us to get to know all that there is to discover in this exceptional corner of the world.

what to see in Sitges Catalan HolidaysBy Tom Campone: Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

Historical centre

Walking through the streets in the centre of Sitges is already an attraction in itself. Let yourself get wrapped up in the atmosphere, a lovely experience. It is the best way of getting to know, at your own pace, a town with a lot of history in its stones. The narrow medieval streets behind the church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla are a delight. The Carrer d’En Bosc Street is a must-visit, along with the remains of the city walls.

old town Sitges Catalan Holidays

The old city walls

The remains that can be visited are, today, what is left of the wall that protected the ancient medieval town of Sitges. The most characteristic part can be visited just a few metres from the beach, in the place where the Carrer d’En Bosc Street and Calle Barcelona Street meet. Throughout the historical centre, other parts of the wall can be enjoyed, but they are not as well preserved as this one.

old wall Sitges Barcelona - Catalan HolidaysBy Enríque Íñiguez: Muralla de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Wikimedia Commons

Maricel Palace

This building is, perhaps, the most visited building in the city of Sitges. It is a Noucentista-style palace that has six charming jewels: the Gold Room, the Blue Room, the Chapel Room, the Ship’s Room, the terraces and the cloister. These spaces host a large part of the institutional and cultural life of Sitges and a range of private events, such as business meetings and weddings. Sitges Museum manages this place and arranges visits for the general public.

Palau Maricel Sitges Catalan HolidaysBy Alain Ruiller: Palau Maricel de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Wikimedia Commons

Cau Ferrat and other museums (Can Llopis)

Cau Ferrat Museum was founded in the year 1893 by the modernist artist, Santiago Rusiñol. It includes the artistic collection of Rusiñol himself, with older art and modern works by Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso, R. Pichot, Mas i Fondevila, Zuloaga, Regoyos and Degouwe de Nucques, Enric Clarasó, Manolo Hugué and Pau Gargallo, among others. Also, a visit to the Cau Ferrat is already worth the effort for the building itself, an exceptional display of modernist architecture. Apart from this museum, Sitges has other museum spaces, such as the Can Llopis Romanticism Museum. It is a neoclassical building, built in 1973 by the notary, Manuel Llopis, a member of a prestigious family in the town. Pictures by Pau Rigalt are exhibited on the first floor, the gallery and the backyard veranda. The second floor has had a collection of Lola Anglada dolls since 1961.

Museum Can LLopis Sitges - Catalan HolidaysBy Mtorrite: Can Llopis en Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Wikimedia Commons

Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla

One of the greatest tourist attractions in Sitges is next to the Maricel Palace. You will be amazed by the staircase that leads to the sea. It is a baroque temple from the 17th century, built on an ancient Romanesque and Gothic church. Inside, particular highlights include the organ and “Roser” altarpieces, the oldest is “Sant Elm” and the “Verge dels Dolors”. It is a solemn building which welcomes tourists and visitors as it did in times gone by with the fishermen.

church Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Sitges - Catalan Holidays>By D_M_D: Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu y Santa Tecla en Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr


Going down the staircase (known as the La Punta staircase) at the church, we can head towards the Sitges seafront. It is a 2.5 km round trip that will allow you to discover the coastline of this enchanting town. The visit begins in “La Fragata Square”, where we have the first attraction of the seafront, the Sitges Mermaid.

maritime promemade Sitges near Barcelona - Catalan HolidaysBy David Jones: Paseo Marítimo de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

The Mermaid of Sitges

The Mermaid of Sitges is a bronze statue by Pere Jou, located at the foot of the staircase that leads to the church. It will remind most travellers of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, but this is larger in size. It enhances the area where you can also appreciate statues of Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas.

Siren Sitges near Barcelona- Catalan - HolidaysBy Matt Kieffer: Sirena de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

“Indianos” houses on the seafront

The trip around the Sitges seafront lets you uncover different “Indianos” houses. These are structures erected by the inhabitants who travelled between the 17th and 19th century to America to make their fortunes. The houses of “Passeig de la Ribera” stand out, with modernist-style houses on the seafront promenade. At number 15, you will find Antoni Serra’s house, one of the founders of Vichy Catalan.

indians house Sitges - Catalan HolidaysBy Eric: Casas de indianos en Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

Sitges Beaches

Thousands of tourists go to Sitges in search of its beaches. Its eleven beaches are a real lure for tourists who, every summer, come to the town to sunbathe and spend a few days relaxing. The most famous of Sitges beaches are San Sebastian Beach, next to the church, La Fragata Beach and La Barra Beach.

sitges beach - Catalan HolidaysBy Eric: Playa de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

What to do in Sitges?

This town has a very wide and varied offering of leisure and culture activities. Sitges has several prestigious restaurants where you can sample dreamy dishes and various activities to visit, such as the Carnival, the Film Festival and the Festa Major.

Restaurants in Sitges (gastronomy)

If you come to this location to enjoy its charm, you cannot miss visiting the following eating establishments:

  • La Punta de Sitges: Founded in 2015, it is one of the restaurants most worth visiting. With high-quality products, it is a pleasure to taste their dishes.
  • La Nansa: It is one of the most historical restaurants in the city. It has been open to the public since the year 1963. A jewel where you can try local products cooked with talent.
  • El Castell: It is a unique restaurant in Sitges, where couples fall in love or fall back in love. Located in a house in the historical centre of the town, it gives off a very welcoming atmosphere.

where to eat Sitges - Catalan Holidays

Sitges Carnival

In February, the town comes to a halt to focus their attention on the Carnival. With 100 years of history, it is one of the most emblematic carnivals in Catalonia and visiting it is an obligation. From “Fat Thursday” to “Ash Wednesday” the town transforms to welcome the Carnival King. It is a carnival that is increasingly inspired by the most illustrious carnivals in the world, such as the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival Sitges Barcelona - Catalan HolidaysBy Timmy Denike: Carnaval de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Flickr

Sitges Film Festival

In Catalonia, few festivals win over the public as much as the Sitges Festival. It is a noteworthy contest in Catalonia and Spain for fantasy and horror films. It is held in October every year and it is a unique opportunity to meet actors and directors of renowned prestige.

Film Festival Sitges - Catalan Holidays

Sitges Festa Major

It is celebrated in August to honour Saint Bartholomew the Apostle (24th August) and it is when a visitor can see the village in all its glory. The festival is famous for its acts of “the 36 hours”. The city grinds to a halt on 23rd and 24th August and it rolls over into two days of magical festivities.

Sitges major party - Catalan HolidaysBy Pcm: Fiesta Mayor de Sitges, Costa del Garraf, Barcelona Wikimedia Commons

Where to stay in Sitges

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