Cadaqués, probably the most beatiful town in Catalonia

Published on October 12, 2019 by Catalan Holidays

In the province of Girona, in the Empurdá region, we have Cadaqués. A quiet little fishing village that was home to the painter, Salvador Dali.
In the middle of the Costa Brava, this marvellous village lets us experience a wonderful holiday break. Its narrow streets, white houses and the more than 10 coves invite us to wander around, eat on terraces with views to the sea or take a trip through the mountains to some of the nearby lighthouses.

We will give you a brief overview of what there is to see and do in Cadaqués, as well as directions to get there.

What to see in Cadaqués

Cadaqués is a small village with approximately 2,800 residents. Travelling by foot through the centre of the village is simple and takes little time. The most visited areas are usually the seafront promenade, the beaches, the old Santa Maria Church, the viewpoints and, of course, the Salvador Dali House-Museum. Fans of day trips can enjoy several trips that lead to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse and the Cala Nans Lighthouse.

Santa Maria Church viewpoint, Cadaqués

Located in the historic centre of Cadaqués, visible at a glance, rises the Cadaqués Santa Maria Church building. To get there we have to walk down the narrow streets, some of them steep, until we reach the temple. Once there, enter the church and the marvellous viewpoint will make your visit worthwhile.
Iglesia de Santa Maria de Cadaques

Cadaqués Streets

The historic centre of Cadaqués is unique, beautiful and very pleasant. Narrow streets, cobblestones, passageways, climbing vines…where a past rich in history is hiding. The historic centre of the village is located on the former Cadaqués Castle, of which there remains only mentions on shipping route maps and some historical elements in the village.
calles cadaques

Cadaqués white houses

The buildings in Cadaqués are coloured a prominent white. It is only broken up by the purple of the bougainvillea and the green of the other plants. Cadaqués is a deeply Mediterranean fishing village. Gazing upon the village from a distance, its beauty and the contrast of its colours with the surroundings can be appreciated. A village of white houses, green mountains and blue sea. A more than beautiful landscape.
casas blancas en cadaques

Cadaqués Seafront Promenade

You only have to look at the photos to appreciate that the Cadaqués seafront promenade is different to the usual. Pass between white-fronted houses and the Mediterranean seaside. As we move along the promenade, we find bars with terraces that have spectacular views and miniscule coves with fishing boats.
Paseo maritimo cadaques

Salvador Dali House-Museum

Salvador Dali’s only permanent home is what we will find in Cadaqués. He lived in it until 1982. A visit to the Salvador Dali House-Museum gives us the possibility of sensing his personality, felt in every corner of the house. It is the place, where, for many years Salvador Dali found his inspiration and worked on his paintings.
casa museo salvador dali en cadaques

Cadaqués beaches

We couldn’t say which is more remarkable, the high number of beaches in Cadaqués or the uniqueness of each one of them. Instead, even though we have called this Cadaqués ‘beaches’ we should tell you that the majority are coves, some of them miniscule.

Grande y Esportal Beach

The most central and largest beach in Cadaqués is Grande y Esportal Beach. An urban beach with calm waters, that is surrounded by bars and the port. Having all the services, it is one of the most crowded beaches in the village.
Playa Grande Cadaques

Port d’Alguer Beach

Situated in the south but still in the town centre, we have Port D’Alguer Beach. A gorgeous cove, surrounded by white houses and a great alternative to Grande Beach if it is full.
Playa Port Alguer en Cadaqués

Es Pianc and Es Poal Beaches

Es Pianc Beach and Es Poal Beach are very small and busy urban coves. The beaches’ locations give us a pretty panorama of the village of Cadaqués and stupendous sunsets.
Playa Es Poal i Es Pianc en Cadaques

S’Aranella Beach

To the north and already a little way outside of the town centre, is S’Aranella Beach. It is another cove, this time with a small car park, that is right in front of S’Aranella Island.

Playa S'aranella en cadaquesBy sam.romilly: Playa de S’Aranella from Flickr

Other beaches and coves in Cadaqués

As we have already mentioned, this village’s entire coastline is full of coves. On one side we have urban beaches and coves which are very comfortable as they have all the services. On the other side, we have coves far away from any parking areas. So, which one should you go to? The best thing to do is to go for a look at them and let yourself be charmed by some of them.
These are some of the other beaches in Cadaqués: Ses Oliveres Beach, Sa Confitera Beach, Del Ros Beach, Es Llaner Gran Beach, Llané Petit Beach, Es Sortell d’en Ter Beach, Es Sortell Beach, Sa Conca Beach.

Where to eat in Cadaqués: Restaurants

We are in a totally Mediterranean village with seafaring traditions. It is to be expected that the local cuisine in Cadaqués centres around fresh fish. This answers the question of what to eat in Cadaqués, so now let’s talk about where to eat in Cadaqués. A small selection of restaurants with good menus and a good reputation in Cadaqués, that will leave you with a wonderful taste in your mouth if you visit.

Compartir Restaurant

The red tuna tartar, the scallops and the melt-in-the-middle hazelnut cake are recommended at Compartir Restaurant. If you are more one for eating tapas-style rations, then they can be a bit on the small side, so you should consider ordering some starters, a main course and dessert.
compartir restaurant en cadaques

El Barroco Restaurant

El Barroco Restaurant is a unique and beautiful Lebanese restaurant where the owner and staff take good care of customer service. Great food, with options for vegetarians and vegans on their menu. With a bit of luck, you can enjoy the owner spontaneously playing the piano. A highly recommended restaurant by all those who visit it.
restaurant El Barroco en Cadaques

La Sirena Restaurant

La Sirena Restaurant is simple and beautiful with lovely staff and great food. On the La Sirena Restaurant menu, we have seafood paella, fish casserole, oven-baked fish, mussels a la marinara, calamari…everything is so good.
restaurant la sirena en cadaques

Other restaurants in Cadaqués

Of the many restaurants in Cadaqués that we haven’t mentioned, several stand out such as Bistrovino Cadaqués, El Balconet and Can Rafa. Alongside those mentioned above, they are the best-rated by their customers.

What to do in Cadaqués

As well as the charming streets and beaches, this beautiful village is in spectacular surroundings. For those who like walking, we can propose two routes to the closest lighthouses: Cap de Creus Lighthouse and Cala Nans Lighthouse.

From Cadaqués to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse along the old road

Day trip from Cadaqués to Cap de Creus along a route that is approximately four hours round trip and around 15 km (there and back). Cross over paved streets and paths until Portlligat. It is a route that runs around the coastline, where it meets the road, a trail and then a precious track called “Cap de Creus Pathway“. It is a bit of a demanding route, but you will be grateful for the views.

Faro Cap de Creus en Cadaques GironaBy Maria Planas: Faro Cap de Creus from Wikimedia commons

From Cadaqués to the Cala Nans Lighthouse

A second day trip option, from Cadaqués to the Cala Nans Lighthouse. Approximately 5 km, (round trip) and two hours in length. It passes through the seaside path offering spectacular views. Less demanding than the previously suggested route, but with a climb and descent of 70 metres. It is worth the effort for the views and the countryside that is on the route.

Far Cala Nans en Cadaques GironaBy Castellbo: Faro Cala Nans from Wikimedia commons

Where to sleep in Cadaqués

The Cadaqués accommodation options are not as extensive as in other destinations that are popular in the summer. At Catalan Holidays we choose to offer quality accommodation, designed for couples, families and groups of friends who want a degree of privacy and to be near the most interesting places on the Costa Brava. In this case, the beautiful village of Cadaqués.

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Holiday homes on the Costa Bravaproperties

On the other hand, have you thought of holiday rentals of houses with private pools y holiday rentals of houses that accept dogs or other pets. Through this link you have all our holiday homes in Catalonia.

How to get to Cadaqués

Cadaqués is located in the northern part of the Costa Brava, almost touching the French border. From Girona Airport by car is approximately one hour and a half. From Barcelona Airport it is about two and a half hours. From France to Cadaqués we travel by road, using AP-7 and leave at exit 4 (Figueres – Roses). Then take the road C-260 until you reach the village.

Map of Cadaqués

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